lost & Found

2019 | Gothenburg Design Festival

Have you ever lost anything?
Have you ever abandoned anything ? Will they be happy or sad?
Are they missing you?
Maybe they are still there waiting for you?

Or they already have a new owner?
Who will they be?

Sweet Sharing

Where you are invited to recall the memory of 'Your taste of hometown' and share with others in a sweet way.

2018 | Gothenburg Design Festival

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Sensory Food

2018 | Tallinn Design Festival

What is Food?

How can we feel the food?

Why not try other senses to experience the food instead of eating?

Except being eaten, what else can food be?

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2019-  | Gothenburg Chinese Culture School

Every child is gifted.

In the Freeland, Children have their own right to decide what to do, there are no right or wrong, no good or bad, only unlimited imagination.

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Who Am I?

2017  | Gothenburg Design Festival

How would you describe yourself to a stranger?

Are you curious about how a stranger interpret your description?

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Costume Time

2018  | Institute of design kielce, Poland

A workshop in the design institute to observe how kids see and feel the courtyard and which place is their favorite one there. 

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The Best Guider

2018  | Byggetplatsen

It was organized to get inspiration from children who participated ( 7-12 years old) for the playful guiding system, where they were asked to make/design a guiding system for their peers from a place to another without being informed. 

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