The dinner

The dinner is a performance took place in HDK.

A special dinner for guests prepared in 5 hours on the same day.

Experience Design, Eating Design, Group Performance | 2019


Carl Bodin Svensk/Giovanna Gaioni/

Lu Li/ Monique Wernhamn/ Noemi Gottardi/ Simon Håkansson/ Mengting Wang

Tutor: Mattias Gunnarsson/  Erik Berg 


Challenge Comfort

Every guest was asked to cover their eyes by the cloth provided before entering the space.


After the guests were taken into the space hand by hand quietly, they were told to stand still in the dark space where the windows were open. It was a little cold. The performers touched their back of the ear by metal spoon.



The guests were served with two alcoholic beverages sitting in front of the campfire on in the screen, with windows closed. It was getting warmer.

anise and cloves in rum for cold one

hot buttered cider with cinnanmon and rum for hot one

Carl Bodin Svensk/ Simon Håkansson


Course 1

The guests were served with handmade bread.

The bread was a type of brioche bun,

very spontaneously made,

with hand-churned butter

Carl Bodin Svensk/ Simon Håkansson


Course 2​ ​


You are meeting the antagonist

You will interpret his spell

If you succeed

You will go with him

Into the darkness

The guests were served by themselves by pouring the black liquid from the pot in the bowl and pick the spices they prefer into the black liquid.

The following instruction was made for guests:


Pour power of the darkness into your bowl
Add some magic on top
Explore the sharpness and add it to the mix
Mix some pain of the lost souls
Let all the fear spread inside
Stir the dark energy with your hate
Pour it into your body and come with me into the dark world

Ingredients: sesame, water, mint, curry powder, black pepper, rosemary ground,

ginger, garlic, onion, carrot, red pepper, dried rose.

 Noemi Gottardi/ Mengting Wang


Course 3​ ​

The guests were asked to feed themselves by squeezing the plastic bottles hanging from the ceiling.


salmon and cream cheese,

gingerbread and cream cheese,

ginger and various berries,

black or white chocolate

all in about one cubic centimeter in size.

Giovanna Gaioni/ Lu Li


Dessert ​

The guests were feed by the performers.


chocolate mousses, raspberry, coffee, milk, Vitamin

Monique Wernhamn


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