UX,UI | 2019

Shab Dastgheib Pompeiano/ Xiang Xu/ Mengting Wang

Co-flying is a two-day quick work designed for Lufthansa Flyinglab at Hackathon Rhein-Main based on the task 'Enabling Ad-hoc travel communities'

屏幕快照 2019-08-16 下午5.10.34.png





'Co-flying' is a platform where offers space for passengers to feel free to ask questions, encourages to help co-passengers, share and communicate and provides the opportunity of earning a bonus to get credits/miles. 

For Lufthansa, it enables ad-hoc travel communities, improves brand image and increases user loyalty. 

To be fit in the already existed app, the interface is kept, a new platform is added on the main menu.


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