Hello !


I am Mengting Wang,

a multidisciplinary designer,

having experience in product design, child culture design, UX/UI design, brand identity, illustration, workshop design, and art performance.


2019       MFA in Design

                 Specialized in Child Culture Design

                HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts

                   University of  Gothenburg, Sweden

2017        BE in Industrial design

                D&I, Tongji University,

                  Shanghai, China


2015        Exchange student 

                Die Angewandte (Applied Arts of Vienna)

                  Vienna, Austria 







2019 -                  Board Member

                             Girls In Tech, sweden

2016 -                  Freelancer


2018 - 2019        Graphic Design Intern

                             Centre on Global Migration

                                  University of Gothenburg


2017 - 2018         Art Research Intern

                             BROWNIE Art Photography


2016 - 2017         Product Design Intern

                             SPIN Ceramics


2015 - 2017         Photographer

                             Qingge Sudio


2013 - 2014         Mentor of Youth

                             Roots & Shoots








2019        Joint Exhibition: Muto Mutatio Mutant 

                A-venue pop-up gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden


                Workshop: Lost & Found 

                Gothenburg Design Festival, Sweden


                Workshop: Senses of Legumes

                Frilagret, Gothenburg, Sweden   


                 Workshop: Senses of Legumes

                 International School of Gothenburg




2018        Joint Workshops: Sensory Food 

                 Tallinn Design Festival, Estonia 

                 Workshop: Sweet Sharing 

                 Gothenburg Design Festival, Sweden




2017         Joint Workshop: Who am I? 

                 Gothenburg Design Festival, Sweden










2019         2nd  Prize 

                  Baltic Seabirds AI/UX Hackathon, Sweden 

2018         1st Prize

                  MyAUSTRIA Photo Contest


2015          2nd Prize 

                  Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage

                     Design Contest


2015          Excellent Prize of Humanity

                   4th Shanghai Universities

                     Photo Contest




2017          'Wild Fruit Tower'  

                  安邸 AD, Magazine







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